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DSC06589After my first day at the beach noticed something very weird… I was on my way getting a sunburn !! yes me sunburn!.. so I thought I might as well   not be in the sun to much for a day…. but hey guys this is Barbados!! But now my troubles are solved… a guy on the street sold me this Aloe Vera, in front of my eyes he pressed the juice directly from the plant into an empty rum-bottle. So sunny here I commy hehe


This is the beach 2 minutes away from where I live, its totally big time amazing.

Well, we all saw the wedding intrance dance that became soooo popular and here ladies and gentlemen is the sequal. Another amazingly funny video

Ok, No offence to many of you out there. But as Obama tries to reform the mbarack_obama_69edical welfare system people protest because they don’t want to help others then them selves!!, let me elaborate… In a debate yesterday in Wheeling, West Virginia. A woman carefully asked if they please could hurry up with the reform so that her daughter could be helped with her rheumatism since at the moment there was no way of paying for it. The response came quick… A man in a shirt stood up and said loud and clear: why should I pay for your daughter? Well there you have it people, the actual American reason for protesting against the reform… The product of a Supercapitalistic society. As soon as ones tax money helps other people people shout out Communism and Socialism as if they knew the meaning of these words!… is equality for all wrong? I call it Welfare. In Sweden we have a higher tax which everyone is willing to pay because we care for the less fortunate in our nation… as a matter of fact we have the best welfare in the world because of this… are we Communists now suddenly.. No definitely not! Maybee Obama sees the countries with the best welfare in the world and believes America has something to learn… who knows!

I think by now I have seen it all!

This guy catches laptops with his butt. Good to know that they fit there… in case you have your hands buzy with ither stuff!

Combining a water slide with ski-jumping just has never occurred to me to be poosible. Then adding a small children pool at the fall-place.. GAH!

YEEAAA. I have got in contact with some people I will study with in St Vincent (God thank you for facebook!!), and they are apparently already there. So here are 2 wonderfull pictures (thanks Lucas). First one is an overview of the school and the second one, a nearby villagecalled Chateaubelair Village, a small place in the black sand beach… did you hear that… mmm.. Did you know they recorded Pirates of the Carrabean over here!



Now I dont know about you but I am seeing palm trees… Palm trees man!! … I will be touching Palm trees for a half a year, I love Palm trees AAAH.

SqHZoTWKZ7bv1jmfl7KLdMJB_500Yesterday when leaving for the train I found myself answering my friend  “No, I am not in a hurry ’cause I don’t know what time it is!”

hehe, After 10 seconds I realized what I just said and thought hey, that is just so confusingly true! Yet again I found out ignorance can surely be a bless.

This is how I am getting married dude…

The last part is the best. check it out.

So as far as I know Jeroen is right now in Washington State hanging loose with his new WIFE Sandhya… (or “new wife”..! sounds like has has seven older ones.) They had an amazing time in Santorini.. Jeroen I have seen the pictures and they are goood. Right now they have moved into their new apartment which has a pool and a gym. Yes, where they live the average apartment has these life-necessities! (Jeroen I am not jealous at all) And as far as I know they have already been to Ikea eating swedish food… because as we all know to be true… American food suck! hehe. Here are some pictures of the newly weds. First their wedding day, then the two next ones are from Chicago where they had more parties, and the last one from their honeymoon. (press on the picture for bigger size)


Not THE last weekend but the weekend beofre this one that is… last weekend I was with Bas and Mika (yeah Bob.. we know it says it the headline dude!!) hrm, So anyways they were here in Upplands Väsby while Linda (the misses of Bas) was checking out their new House in Göteborg where they soon will move into, beacuse as I mentioned everybody is mooving nowadays. Its like this amazing trend!… wanna be cool -then move! (press on the picture for bigger size)





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