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The wedding was amazing. My little brother just got married, managed to say Yes (as did Sandhya his WIFE) It all started in Sofia Church and Ended at our home here in Upplands Väsby… The feast at Stora Essingen also was a success with lots of family and friends from all over the world congratulating the newly weds. And as the picture shows it ended with an Indian tradition were the mothers from each family gave presents to each other and the couple aswell. By that time it was 2 o’clock at night and as you see Sandhya and Jeroen look tired and happy. Now they are of to Santorini, Greece for their honeymoon and then they are of to Washington ….

tired =)ps, Jeroen you still owe me a wife ;)

You can see it on their eyes… children already when they are young they have plans to take over the world!


brosOn Friday Jeroen will get married. CRAZY. I mean he is my little brother and getting married, moving to the states… my little little tiny mini insi pini brother! So Anyways, Today Bas and myself had a great time together planning (I wont tell you what) … but it is going to be great for sure. The evening ended with us three brothers chilling alone together and suddenly in stillness realizing that this moment ain’t coming back for a long time. Our family is spreading out all over, Jeroen to Washington State, Bas to Göteborg, me to St Vincent…. all at the same time too! Mamma-Caramba!

Well the family vd Eijkhof is for sure Changing life direction… but still heading the same way *blink blink*

Stupid weird, fun, cute, Yaiks… there are a lot of words to describe this fun little commercial

Today a large group of people decided to do a Micheal Jackson flash mob,  as a tribute to him so check this out, not the best quality of film but still dude!!


My new travel computer…. it is a bad ass wow-thing.acer-aspire-5738g

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