Wow, Bob it has been such a long time ago since you put in something to vote on… yeah I know, that is why I am satisfying your need right now!.

Vote for your favorite lamp…. again!

Selfillumination_by_Kutsche1. Yet another great lampperson

SqHZoTWKZ7j3vrogTiHmjdfS_4002. Ah its a hang-lamp, how qute!

SqHZoTWKZ40xetl038LF52Nc_5003. Cool lamp that looks like ist sunk into the table!

SqHZoTWKZf9omq5qJXWDuEcRo1_5004. Good morning lamp which opens up when its time to get out of bed.

SqHZoTWKZfaw7a12WFwqOGiWo1_5005. The fatso!

SqHZoTWKZfrue5hoiDefLfOFo1_5006. A real hotdog!

SqHZoTWKZgsvx6mikgppOLfyo1_5007. The shy teddy bear lamp.

SqHZoTWKZmtor9ucLPDpX9EXo1_5008. Its a cup of tea… No ita a lamp… No its both.. Ah, confusing!

square-29. Last but not least this handy lamp which you can put on any table.. like!