So latest from the world of football is that several people have kicked from the Iranian football team for life merely because they showed their support for Hossein Mousavi and the green revolution by wearing green wristbands in their game against South Korea. Some say football and politics don’t go together, I say everything is politics, espesially football! The fact that the Fifa world cup unites the planet in a huge sport event next year in South Africa is so much politics. The country has to think of their reputation before this event could ever occur… So did China last year when they hosted the Olympic Games … unfortunately they totally blew it because of what happened in Tibet. Just wish every football player representing a country could wear green just to show the Iranian people that they are not alone in their struggle… and to show their leaders that they suck big time… yes they suck! sucksucksuck … suck!3006170187

Now interesting enough Fifa have contacted the opposition in Iran to ask what the heck is going on… as the rest of us asks… GO FIFA =) I mean what is next … maybe Ahmadinejad will forbid football totally because the grass they play happens to be green… yeah then he will issue a law killing all green frogs and forbid people from eating salad. ajajaj!!