Last weekend we had an amazing bachelor party for my brother who is getting married in less than a week now (GAH) It started by us (around 8-10 guys) waking him up and then dragging him around in the city for breakfast in a bikini… then after a wild motorbike-ride our Kano trip kicked of… an amazing time for sure… We spent the weekend at some far away forest-place where we canoed, barbecued, fished, swam, pushed each other around and Rolled a huge Roch of the cliff (what!!). Yes we where guys and… need i say more?! Ok, we all felt the urge to move this gigantic rock and feel the thrill as it fell down the steep with all its power… and gah, it was amazing (eeh ok!)… yeah well you just had to be there… (girls, you will never understand anyways). God gave us sun all the way, he even bragged by making a square cloud!!  what a showoff God is sometimes huh!! =)… Here are some pictures… be amazed and jealous that YOU where not there mohohohahaha!!

stenen4The rock =)

DSC06092nice =)

taking picture of scuare clowdthe square clowd

jeroen kannosJeroen in the canoe

bad peaplethe guyz at the end… tired and wet… I am loving it!