The election in Iran has taken my attention totally these last days. There was such a big hope, feast and joy as millions of people went to vote and fulfill their democratic right a couple of days ago, but it has all turned into a chaos by people feeling they have the right to beat down others of different opinion.. others who peacefully demonstrated against what they believe has been has been a rigged election. My thoughts go to all you in Iran who believe and hope for a more free and liberal country where people actually can choose the path of their own life for them selves and not have it forced upon them. I am going to wear green tomorrow and these coming days to show my support for your people and Hossein Mousavi.


Although it is possible that the greater majority of people who after all are not educated, not living in the big cities and are far from liberal voted for Ahmadinejad and thereby made his victory… lets not forget this man denies the holocaust, speaks of a total destruction of Israel, and has kept his country closed from the outer world. This once great nation sure needs some kind of revolution to get back on its feet… something this election no matter the outcome sure has started.