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Wow, Bob it has been such a long time ago since you put in something to vote on… yeah I know, that is why I am satisfying your need right now!.

Vote for your favorite lamp…. again!

Selfillumination_by_Kutsche1. Yet another great lampperson

SqHZoTWKZ7j3vrogTiHmjdfS_4002. Ah its a hang-lamp, how qute!

SqHZoTWKZ40xetl038LF52Nc_5003. Cool lamp that looks like ist sunk into the table!

SqHZoTWKZf9omq5qJXWDuEcRo1_5004. Good morning lamp which opens up when its time to get out of bed.

SqHZoTWKZfaw7a12WFwqOGiWo1_5005. The fatso!

SqHZoTWKZfrue5hoiDefLfOFo1_5006. A real hotdog!

SqHZoTWKZgsvx6mikgppOLfyo1_5007. The shy teddy bear lamp.

SqHZoTWKZmtor9ucLPDpX9EXo1_5008. Its a cup of tea… No ita a lamp… No its both.. Ah, confusing!

square-29. Last but not least this handy lamp which you can put on any table.. like!


mjOk, Yesterday nobody cared about him all that much nor … in all honestly did many people like him. Now when he has left us.. which is sort of surreal everybody loves him. I once liked him but have like most people just thought of him as a weird and lost man in desperate need o God! … well he is gone but so are many other people fighting poverty, diseases, or other humble causes… so ehm well if you did not care yesterday, its kind of false caring today, get my point?

No matter, In Respect Michael Jackson leaves us with a legacy of No. 1 hits, top awards and astounding dance moves. Let’s remember the King of Pop as much as the others who wont be remembered!

So latest from the world of football is that several people have kicked from the Iranian football team for life merely because they showed their support for Hossein Mousavi and the green revolution by wearing green wristbands in their game against South Korea. Some say football and politics don’t go together, I say everything is politics, espesially football! The fact that the Fifa world cup unites the planet in a huge sport event next year in South Africa is so much politics. The country has to think of their reputation before this event could ever occur… So did China last year when they hosted the Olympic Games … unfortunately they totally blew it because of what happened in Tibet. Just wish every football player representing a country could wear green just to show the Iranian people that they are not alone in their struggle… and to show their leaders that they suck big time… yes they suck! sucksucksuck … suck!3006170187

Now interesting enough Fifa have contacted the opposition in Iran to ask what the heck is going on… as the rest of us asks… GO FIFA =) I mean what is next … maybe Ahmadinejad will forbid football totally because the grass they play happens to be green… yeah then he will issue a law killing all green frogs and forbid people from eating salad. ajajaj!!

Last weekend we had an amazing bachelor party for my brother who is getting married in less than a week now (GAH) It started by us (around 8-10 guys) waking him up and then dragging him around in the city for breakfast in a bikini… then after a wild motorbike-ride our Kano trip kicked of… an amazing time for sure… We spent the weekend at some far away forest-place where we canoed, barbecued, fished, swam, pushed each other around and Rolled a huge Roch of the cliff (what!!). Yes we where guys and… need i say more?! Ok, we all felt the urge to move this gigantic rock and feel the thrill as it fell down the steep with all its power… and gah, it was amazing (eeh ok!)… yeah well you just had to be there… (girls, you will never understand anyways). God gave us sun all the way, he even bragged by making a square cloud!!  what a showoff God is sometimes huh!! =)… Here are some pictures… be amazed and jealous that YOU where not there mohohohahaha!!

stenen4The rock =)

DSC06092nice =)

taking picture of scuare clowdthe square clowd

jeroen kannosJeroen in the canoe

bad peaplethe guyz at the end… tired and wet… I am loving it!

Mideast_Iran_Election_Militia_NYWhen it comes to the point where violence is used it is a weak sign of admission.. this is exactly what is happening in Iran right now as there has been outspoken that there where flaws in the election process … but still threats are coming up against all protesters who apparently damage the sovereignty of Iran that if they don’t stop tomorrow the Revolutionary Guard (a private army elit army of 150.000 men) are ordered to use any force necessary…

If anyone is damaging anything it is for sure not the protesters.

Yet another great composition of musicians around the world playing for change with the song “we don’t need no more trouble”

oh.oh… wait ah, this one is even better… listen mann! …One Love…


This forum is created for anyone in Iran who wants to get the word out without being tracked or shut down… and so a great forum for people who want to hear whats really happening. This revolution is one of the many these days where local people has spread the news out to the world long before any established reporters, newspapers or TV channels… so;

A iran

The election in Iran has taken my attention totally these last days. There was such a big hope, feast and joy as millions of people went to vote and fulfill their democratic right a couple of days ago, but it has all turned into a chaos by people feeling they have the right to beat down others of different opinion.. others who peacefully demonstrated against what they believe has been has been a rigged election. My thoughts go to all you in Iran who believe and hope for a more free and liberal country where people actually can choose the path of their own life for them selves and not have it forced upon them. I am going to wear green tomorrow and these coming days to show my support for your people and Hossein Mousavi.


Although it is possible that the greater majority of people who after all are not educated, not living in the big cities and are far from liberal voted for Ahmadinejad and thereby made his victory… lets not forget this man denies the holocaust, speaks of a total destruction of Israel, and has kept his country closed from the outer world. This once great nation sure needs some kind of revolution to get back on its feet… something this election no matter the outcome sure has started.


I cant believe it, there is actually a stick-thingy out on the market that holds your toilet paper for you so you can wipe you shingeling… because holding toiletpaper is aparently discusting!! Tell this to the people who just use their hands =)

These pictures are probably not authentic, but what if… what if!!




When youtubing on Regina Spectors sickly good song “the call” from Narnia I found this cover by a girl called Kina Grannis… amazing!!

Yes, people of Sweden let me tell you about a team heading for gold (in opposition to Sweden)…. HOLLAND. We haven’t lost one single game (ok we are in an easy group but still!!), made fourteen goals and only let 2 in… today we won over Norway with two to nothing hahaha. Yes Norway’s hopes of reaching the 2010 World Cup is extinguished once and for all.

Good morning friends. Just woke up and am leaving to work in a couple of minutes as I will do this entire summer. Had a discussion the other day about the christian fear of one day having a chip installed somewhere into the body which supposedly would have the number 666!!! (Rev 13:16-18). Personally I don’t believe in this because it strides against so many other christian principles…  that Christ within me is so much greater than whatever is is in the world… that the only fight is against the spiritual principalities which in turn are sooooooooooooo waek compared to the God who is on our side. So no I dont fear issues or things that is to come, but will live by God in the world and use whatever tools to Glorify God…. even a chip which would be quite cool!

Well, as the sayong goes; a picture says more than a thousand word so…

DSC05816Mothers day. Yes Last Sunday was mothers day, So Jeroen Bas Joy and myself prepared a surprise for mum and Linda … flowers and cake for the fika time at New Life. Congratulations to the best mum God has ever created…. my mum !!

MIka 4x-2Mika, our favorite person in the world. Mika has grown and is showing signs of her own personality as is seen in the picture.

DSC05821La Familia van den Eijkhof. Yes last weekend the whole family was in church so why not take a picture of us all. Sandhya wasn’t there, but in time she will also join the Eijkhof clan, conquering the world =)

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