Before I leave to St Vincent I will need a laptop… but What kind of Laptop is the best kind?

1. Maybe I will buy a very stirdy old computer… but still quite classic in a sherlock Holmes – kind of way!!


2. Or maybee a flashy Apple Ibook all made out of Gold and Diamonds!


3. If I buy a perfume-computer that makes me smell neat by spraying me. I can impress women into liking me a lot! … or at least think they like me because I smell appealingly!


4. … after that…  I have a present for her… an all-makeup-laptop… she will love me for sure!


5. . Then there are those with screens that you don’t have to gaze down upon but are more in level with your headio.. yo! What about this shine silver model?


6. Or a moore nicer lappy made for Mommy’s who needs baby speakers… ?


7. Personally I am a game fan and wouldn’t mind a bit bigger screen, I mean all these laptops are so midgety, puny, tiny, I like BIG!


8.  Then If I would like to save some space… I would obviously use the roller-computer…. yeah I’ll buy hundreds and cover the walls with ’emHP2

9. Then why not just bring a nice pillow that reminds me of a laptop… yeah!. In that way I can seem nerdy while actually being exhausted!


Which one do you think I should get? … (not that I will actually get one these ones, because I neither have the money nor the erge to listen to what you think I should have) …. but maybe your small opinion will at least make me consider to fantasize about one specific LAPTOP.