Oh, nothing is like natural grass under your feet, it reminds of summer and sunshine, picnic, park-barbecue and freedom from the urban world. But why limit this resource to the parks and open fields. Here are five good Grass-ideas.

1. Are you a picnic fan, but require to dine on the grass to make it even more picnicier… well here you go, a true picnic table!

grass table

2. But why stop there… why not have a small GRASS-rug, so when you get out of bed or out of the bath tub… you feel the tickling grass sensation under your feet and between your toes.

grass matt

3. Hehe, well you can also exaggerate and fill your whole house with what…. you guessed it right… GRASS


4. But Bob…. what about when I go to work… there is no grass outside… what do I do. Well don’t worry m friend. Here is the amazing (but a bit big) GRASS-walker.

grass wheel

5. HAHA, well last but not least let me introduce the best GRASS solution, the GRASS flipp flopps… you can wear them any time accept while sleeping, and a grass bed would just be pushing the issue so!


That’s all for this time. Love the grass y’all!