Another week has soon passed, which means it is one weak less to some exiting things happening this summer. First and foremost my precious little brother is going all the way to the altar promising his beloved lifelong devotion… Yes he is getting married! As a matter of fact the wedding invitations are for some reason one of the top hits on my blog… I dont get it! maybee so amazingly many people know them and are not invited… well HAHA in your face…. (- Bob  that’s not nice) … (oh ok sorry.. we will sure miss u !)

Then the second thing happening is me getting outa here… exactly when the summer has come to its end over here, my butt is sitting on an airplane traveling to St Vincent… and yes, there are palm trees over there, just in case you wonder =) … otherwise I wouldnt go!.. I am after all a undercover wanna-be palm-tree-hugger.