Time has come to vote for your favorite thing again. This time we will check out some lamps … vote for your favorite.

1. First out we have the Chocolate Lamp, It looks just as if melted chocolate if running down… mmm ! The all time women favorite.


2. Then in the second picture we have the Ilamp… no its not an Ipod or an Iphone maybe its an Isnake… no Its an I-Lamp… pretty amazing.


3. This next one, Is more of a plumber -Lamp. Would be fun having this thing… but maybe not on the fancy desk, its more of a garage-lamp I suppose!


4. Here is the vegetarian green lamp. Not that the others are made out of meat, but this is merely more green, perhaps I have misunderstood this whole vegetarian issue who knows! Anyways this will give a more outside lamp-post-feeling and who doesn’t want that in the living room?!


5. This is an amazing light, whitch casts a shadow in the image of flying birds  and a tree with birds on it. Merely the Idea is cool whitch is why it has the privilege to be on the favorite list on my prestigious blog!


6. This last one is my personal favorite! Its a lamp made like a little dude trying to get of the wall by pulling the plug, I almost feel sorry for him. But by pulling the plug wouldn’t that be suicide here?