Jesus manifestation… 2009jesusmanif

It was AMAZING! seeing 18000 people in the city declaring their faith in Jesus Christ. Time has come to brake down barriers between the baptists orthodox, protestants, catholics, the Swedish traditional church and all other free-churches and unite in what we have in Common, namely Jesus. This was done today when the radical united with the stiff and the born again with the traditionalist… haha. Or as The interview in the Swedish newspaper says:
– Well, I don’t agree with the theology from some churches, but today we lay it all aside and concentrate on what we have in common.

People wonder… why!?!? why on earth do you gather 18000 people to sing some songs and listening to some speakers. Well the reason is simple; to glorify Jesus (anyone who’s not a believer can have a hard time understanding this one) so try for a sec imagining he was there, alive and well… that maybe you can grasp the simplicity of doing this and much more for the saviour of the world.

Other secondary reasons are: to encourage each others as Christians by standing united, showing Sweden that there are a whole bunch of crazy believers following someone who was believed to be even crazier, and well to get a nice time in the sun with some friends!

Dad you did a great Job organizing this event. -peace