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Before I leave to St Vincent I will need a laptop… but What kind of Laptop is the best kind?

1. Maybe I will buy a very stirdy old computer… but still quite classic in a sherlock Holmes – kind of way!!


2. Or maybee a flashy Apple Ibook all made out of Gold and Diamonds!


3. If I buy a perfume-computer that makes me smell neat by spraying me. I can impress women into liking me a lot! … or at least think they like me because I smell appealingly!


4. … after that…  I have a present for her… an all-makeup-laptop… she will love me for sure!


5. . Then there are those with screens that you don’t have to gaze down upon but are more in level with your headio.. yo! What about this shine silver model?


6. Or a moore nicer lappy made for Mommy’s who needs baby speakers… ?


7. Personally I am a game fan and wouldn’t mind a bit bigger screen, I mean all these laptops are so midgety, puny, tiny, I like BIG!


8.  Then If I would like to save some space… I would obviously use the roller-computer…. yeah I’ll buy hundreds and cover the walls with ’emHP2

9. Then why not just bring a nice pillow that reminds me of a laptop… yeah!. In that way I can seem nerdy while actually being exhausted!


Which one do you think I should get? … (not that I will actually get one these ones, because I neither have the money nor the erge to listen to what you think I should have) …. but maybe your small opinion will at least make me consider to fantasize about one specific LAPTOP.



Yes surey!. Came home from a long week of work and felt like doing something out of the ordinary. So I booked tickets to St Vincent =)

I am leaving the 28th of August at 6.30 from Skavsta Airport… to Frankfurt, from there to Barbados and then from there to St:Vincent… by Sweden… GAH!!!!

sandhya and JHad an amazing weekend which I spent with family. Went out with Jeroen to look for wedding clothes (for him) and spent some time with home since Sandhya is here for a short visit…. and its always nice to meet my future sister in law… GAH that sounds crazy!!

DSC05660Then it was obviously a joy seing MIKA struggling to walk for the first time, but she loved doing it especially with everyones attention.DSC05759 kopiera

And oh yeah… I found a pair of cooool shades. They look awesome… I mean I look aw.. ehm yeah!

Oh, nothing is like natural grass under your feet, it reminds of summer and sunshine, picnic, park-barbecue and freedom from the urban world. But why limit this resource to the parks and open fields. Here are five good Grass-ideas.

1. Are you a picnic fan, but require to dine on the grass to make it even more picnicier… well here you go, a true picnic table!

grass table

2. But why stop there… why not have a small GRASS-rug, so when you get out of bed or out of the bath tub… you feel the tickling grass sensation under your feet and between your toes.

grass matt

3. Hehe, well you can also exaggerate and fill your whole house with what…. you guessed it right… GRASS


4. But Bob…. what about when I go to work… there is no grass outside… what do I do. Well don’t worry m friend. Here is the amazing (but a bit big) GRASS-walker.

grass wheel

5. HAHA, well last but not least let me introduce the best GRASS solution, the GRASS flipp flopps… you can wear them any time accept while sleeping, and a grass bed would just be pushing the issue so!


That’s all for this time. Love the grass y’all!

Just got an email from Mum where she brought up some quotes from Kris Vallotton…

Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it’s about thinking about yourself, less.

You only have as much influence in a person’s life as they have value for you.

You’re not what you think you are; you’re not what others think you are; you become what the most important person in your life thinks you are.

God doesn’t hide things from us, but for us. (1 Cor 2)

Unforgiveness tethers you to the past and undermines your destiny.

Physical obedience produces spiritual release.

God’s love for all is equal, but he has levels of favor (Jesus increased in favor with man & God).

If you believe you’re a sinner, you’ll sin by faith.

It’s hard to live with sin in your life if you’re accustomed to living without it.

You can’t sin by mistake. Sin is a willful act of what you know to be wrong.

So the time in the Church-building is always wonderful, great worship and good teaching, but church (which many times starts after the Sunday service… if ya know what I mean!) is even greater, spent time in the park having fellowship with a mixed group, of them two Syrian people… One of them taught me how to use my water pipe (Which I brought) and the other talking like crazy on the subject of Men and Women… and why christian women are so good! So thank you Naiel (eller nu hur man stavar hans namn!)… you are surely crazy in a good way.


Another week has soon passed, which means it is one weak less to some exiting things happening this summer. First and foremost my precious little brother is going all the way to the altar promising his beloved lifelong devotion… Yes he is getting married! As a matter of fact the wedding invitations are for some reason one of the top hits on my blog… I dont get it! maybee so amazingly many people know them and are not invited… well HAHA in your face…. (- Bob  that’s not nice) … (oh ok sorry.. we will sure miss u !)

Then the second thing happening is me getting outa here… exactly when the summer has come to its end over here, my butt is sitting on an airplane traveling to St Vincent… and yes, there are palm trees over there, just in case you wonder =) … otherwise I wouldnt go!.. I am after all a undercover wanna-be palm-tree-hugger.

Yes it came 2002 and was the new Microsoft Word… didnt make it to Sweden though!


hehe…  “write letterz n shit yo.”

Well, its not totally censored, but anyways…


Time has come to vote for your favorite thing again. This time we will check out some lamps … vote for your favorite.

1. First out we have the Chocolate Lamp, It looks just as if melted chocolate if running down… mmm ! The all time women favorite.


2. Then in the second picture we have the Ilamp… no its not an Ipod or an Iphone maybe its an Isnake… no Its an I-Lamp… pretty amazing.


3. This next one, Is more of a plumber -Lamp. Would be fun having this thing… but maybe not on the fancy desk, its more of a garage-lamp I suppose!


4. Here is the vegetarian green lamp. Not that the others are made out of meat, but this is merely more green, perhaps I have misunderstood this whole vegetarian issue who knows! Anyways this will give a more outside lamp-post-feeling and who doesn’t want that in the living room?!


5. This is an amazing light, whitch casts a shadow in the image of flying birds  and a tree with birds on it. Merely the Idea is cool whitch is why it has the privilege to be on the favorite list on my prestigious blog!


6. This last one is my personal favorite! Its a lamp made like a little dude trying to get of the wall by pulling the plug, I almost feel sorry for him. But by pulling the plug wouldn’t that be suicide here?


Can advertising be too affective? Well see this and judge for your self.

Jesus manifestation… 2009jesusmanif

It was AMAZING! seeing 18000 people in the city declaring their faith in Jesus Christ. Time has come to brake down barriers between the baptists orthodox, protestants, catholics, the Swedish traditional church and all other free-churches and unite in what we have in Common, namely Jesus. This was done today when the radical united with the stiff and the born again with the traditionalist… haha. Or as The interview in the Swedish newspaper says:
– Well, I don’t agree with the theology from some churches, but today we lay it all aside and concentrate on what we have in common.

People wonder… why!?!? why on earth do you gather 18000 people to sing some songs and listening to some speakers. Well the reason is simple; to glorify Jesus (anyone who’s not a believer can have a hard time understanding this one) so try for a sec imagining he was there, alive and well… that maybe you can grasp the simplicity of doing this and much more for the saviour of the world.

Other secondary reasons are: to encourage each others as Christians by standing united, showing Sweden that there are a whole bunch of crazy believers following someone who was believed to be even crazier, and well to get a nice time in the sun with some friends!

Dad you did a great Job organizing this event. -peace

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