Its 10 o clock a Saturday morning and I have been out running, taken a shower, done the dishes and a whole bunch of other stuff that you probably hadn’t even started at this time a day! … Ah I am good!.. say it! -Bob you are so good- Thanks!

So anyways there is a whole bunch of cool stuff out there that I want… like things! Not that I am materialistic, because these things I will probably never have, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to have them. .. Its like that And that’s the way it is HU!

First of all I would like to have this not practical Swiss army knife, because it has a lot! but then again it costs over 6000 Skr!


Then I would aslo enjoy having a toilet that come out of the ground for maximum privacy… Imagine !!


Then having a aquarium-sink in the bathroom would realy make the room more alive!! Just imagine how much moore time you would spend with your little fishes !!


And it would also be cool having these sword-umbrellas if its raining outside and you still feel like being way bad.


Oh, yeah… who wouldn’t want to own a pet, So I want a pet-AT-AT from star wars, walking around in the apartment killing bugs with lasers or something!!


Well, thats It for now… have a nice sunny weekend people