follow1Last week I have been working with kids as usual… all day long… as usual, getting exhausted as usual, and consuming way to much free chocolate drinks from the machine … as usual! So nothing new there I guess. Life goes on but with a purpose to serve and follow God and traveling To St: Vincent. I am sooooo looking forward to this, Its all in my head and my stomach!

So anyway Last Sunday I bought myself a nice pair of Jeans … women’s-jeans! Yes the button actually opens on the right side (or should I say wrong). But other than that the model looks pretty unisexy =) I have never thought of this fenomena, why in the world do we symbolise the difference of the male and female sex by having the zipper-button in different positions. Isnt it enough with division that men drink beer and have skirts? I mean as far as I know I can tell whether someone is a Lady… withouth looking… you know  ..there! ajajaj what a world hu?