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Yesterday Mom turned 54 years old, looking more beautiful for every year…

mamma love you  Mum.


… more… Listen to this voice and be amazed!!! This is seriously the best voice I have ever heard!

An amazig composition of great musicians around the world brough to you by ‘playingforchange‘, My favorite is Grandpa Eliot… wow

Its 10 o clock a Saturday morning and I have been out running, taken a shower, done the dishes and a whole bunch of other stuff that you probably hadn’t even started at this time a day! … Ah I am good!.. say it! -Bob you are so good- Thanks!

So anyways there is a whole bunch of cool stuff out there that I want… like things! Not that I am materialistic, because these things I will probably never have, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to have them. .. Its like that And that’s the way it is HU!

First of all I would like to have this not practical Swiss army knife, because it has a lot! but then again it costs over 6000 Skr!


Then I would aslo enjoy having a toilet that come out of the ground for maximum privacy… Imagine !!


Then having a aquarium-sink in the bathroom would realy make the room more alive!! Just imagine how much moore time you would spend with your little fishes !!


And it would also be cool having these sword-umbrellas if its raining outside and you still feel like being way bad.


Oh, yeah… who wouldn’t want to own a pet, So I want a pet-AT-AT from star wars, walking around in the apartment killing bugs with lasers or something!!


Well, thats It for now… have a nice sunny weekend people

follow1Last week I have been working with kids as usual… all day long… as usual, getting exhausted as usual, and consuming way to much free chocolate drinks from the machine … as usual! So nothing new there I guess. Life goes on but with a purpose to serve and follow God and traveling To St: Vincent. I am sooooo looking forward to this, Its all in my head and my stomach!

So anyway Last Sunday I bought myself a nice pair of Jeans … women’s-jeans! Yes the button actually opens on the right side (or should I say wrong). But other than that the model looks pretty unisexy =) I have never thought of this fenomena, why in the world do we symbolise the difference of the male and female sex by having the zipper-button in different positions. Isnt it enough with division that men drink beer and have skirts? I mean as far as I know I can tell whether someone is a Lady… withouth looking… you know  ..there! ajajaj what a world hu?

This is probably the best dance performance ever.  So raise the volume on your computer, see and enjoy

Imagine having this one on your door….


…not recomended for stressed people!


Yes, summer is back and kicking. Last week I have been outside a lot reading my book, in hailing a Cuban getting some brownish and smiling towards our closest star. When summer strikes Sweden its not only flowers that bloom, this also goes for people who all come out of their dark and nasty caves, rip of any overwhelming clothing, bye 20 pairs of shades and get updated on the newest ice-cream. At this time of year no one wants any more snow, winter or reign. Personally I hate reign and only wish it to fall at night time when I hit the sack.

I sure love the summer, but then again… I wont experience any winter in two years now… so lucky Bob!


For a long time now electric cars are seen as slow, booring and amazingly ugly idiot cars for enviromentalists only… well accept for the ugly part this video will show thats wrong.

Nice, isn’t it…


happy_easter_by_anisiWell Easter is all about What Jesus did, when he died and rose again.

Today its good Friday and “good meaning its something positive, something to celebrate. So happy “Jesus-died-to-save-us-day” people!

Oh yeah, all this Egg hysteria, bunnies, chickens, and obnoxiously yellow colours… in a nice christian way – up yours =)

Last week Conny and Kain got married and they had a great amazing wedding, so congratulation guys.


Crazy water slide

Moder little Red Riding Hood … rödluvan (Jeroen you would like this one)

Just had an amazing day at work where I was in the sun all day chillin with the kids. For Lunch we ate Kebab, and I was able to take home some leftovers. Or some… I mean a bucket, a bucket kebab people!! Its all in my fridge now waiting for me to consume it.

Also had a fabulous time of worship practise and this Easter Sunday is going to be amazing! For anyone not going to any church, give it a chance this Easter. I am not the religious-hallelujah-type as you all know, but what Jesus did on the cross has managed to touch me deep inside again for the first time in a long while now. So full of expectations New Life 11 am !!

Some week ago, Jeroen and I decided to roll up our sleeves and spend the evening wisely =)

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