Just saw an episode of ‘Legend of the seeker’ and I know it sounds stupid, but here Bob goes quoting again!!!

So anyways in the story a good guy suddenly gets a bad spell on him which makes him kill people. But when the spell is gone he realized what he had done, regretted it but recognized that there was as real anger inside him that came out without control. So he told this to the wise wizard who said:


You are a man, not a statue. We all have dark desires and yearnings of vengeance. You

must remember how those feelings stirred your blood, because what marks the sign of good and evil is the choice not to act on them, choices we have to make every day.

meaning, you can not blame the feelings inside or the circumstances around, because to power of your will (choice to act) is stronger than the other parts. which is why you are responsible and accountable for what you do!