A song by Dolly Parton.

‘Somethin’ lifting me up
Somethin’ holding me down
Somethin’ to give me wings and keep my feet on the ground
I’ve got all I need, Jesus and gravity’
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Bob are you seriously quoting from Dolly ?!?!. Yes I surely am, and although she looks like someone who… well lets not get there! Anyways… I must truly say, without being the slightest ashamed, she is one of the greatest singers ever. This one song reminds me so much how we as Christians can get carried away, living in our christian bubble and forget the view of people who don’t live close to God… hence never are able to connect and relate to them. But also how our anti charismatic spirit (especially here in Sweden) brings us away from his closeness and his endeavour to reach our hearts.

So, maybee Dolly has a point here, we all need Jesus and gravity. Or in my words we all need a glass communion wine and a glass chardonnay (yes I actually just made that up, man I am clever!)