Shacka bahajja. It is amazing crazy, big and yet a bit scary, but non the less I have decided (and been accepted to the school) to leave for St:Vincent in September. For anyone who wonders I am attending a professional volunteer program that will keep me busy for a 20 month time, First 6 months in St:Vincent then one year in Africa (South Africa, Mozambique and Malawi) then another two months in St:Vincent. The school focuses on development, which basically means to raise the living standards for the poorest of the poor. Hence I will go through a half a year of intensive teachings and practical work on the Island St:Vincent itself and then of to Africa. I have hlocationsaintvincentandthegrenadinesad confirmation from all my close ones and my heart just keeps on telling me to go for it… so I am of!

The thing that blows me away is… well 20 months is a long time! ajajaj, How will I make it without all you guys around me? – mi icke know!