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Yes… my new look people..! For anyone not recognizing my bling, you have not played enought nintendo in the beginning of the 1990:s



On Saturday the 28th of march between 20.30 and 21.30 it is ‘earth hour’. All this means you show your solidarity by turning of all electrical equipment in your house. Meaning that you will probably want some candles a good book, some snacks and maybe a cold beer (it’s by the way OK to have the refrigerator on). Arla are dedicated and  are sponsoring this idea by selling black milk packages… obviously so you can drink their milk while It all happesns, but a very good initiative anyways. Go Arla!


As you understand I felt compelled to buy milk, not that I am in great need of it, but its like black dude!! … gotta have it!

Just saw an episode of ‘Legend of the seeker’ and I know it sounds stupid, but here Bob goes quoting again!!!

So anyways in the story a good guy suddenly gets a bad spell on him which makes him kill people. But when the spell is gone he realized what he had done, regretted it but recognized that there was as real anger inside him that came out without control. So he told this to the wise wizard who said:


You are a man, not a statue. We all have dark desires and yearnings of vengeance. You

must remember how those feelings stirred your blood, because what marks the sign of good and evil is the choice not to act on them, choices we have to make every day.

meaning, you can not blame the feelings inside or the circumstances around, because to power of your will (choice to act) is stronger than the other parts. which is why you are responsible and accountable for what you do!




Like it!

A mirror made out of wood, pretty cool.

Take a few crazy people from out of town a bunch of sheep a few technicians and you can have a lot of fun!

My phone… gone, Internet the last couple of days … gone. My contact to the outer world gone… my cyberlife… gone! Man I have felt lost last couple of days. No one to call, nothing to do, nothing to download and nothing to ehm… lots of things. People, this might become somewhat of a problem when I travel away from my Internet life in September… or maybe it will be like an awakening…

A song by Dolly Parton.

‘Somethin’ lifting me up
Somethin’ holding me down
Somethin’ to give me wings and keep my feet on the ground
I’ve got all I need, Jesus and gravity’
white text

Bob are you seriously quoting from Dolly ?!?!. Yes I surely am, and although she looks like someone who… well lets not get there! Anyways… I must truly say, without being the slightest ashamed, she is one of the greatest singers ever. This one song reminds me so much how we as Christians can get carried away, living in our christian bubble and forget the view of people who don’t live close to God… hence never are able to connect and relate to them. But also how our anti charismatic spirit (especially here in Sweden) brings us away from his closeness and his endeavour to reach our hearts.

So, maybee Dolly has a point here, we all need Jesus and gravity. Or in my words we all need a glass communion wine and a glass chardonnay (yes I actually just made that up, man I am clever!)

Here ladies and gentlemen, we have a bunch of chairs just dying to get voted for. As my favorite is obvious, all have their own personality. Number three for instance is a bit feminine while the last chair is disgustingly manly. Then we have the quite practical numero five and the opposite: four! Number seven probably makes you think what the **** in opposition to the first chair just being a nice chair !!

Judge for yourselves.


The most funny thing ever.


A lifesaving jacket that does miracles… wear it and then be in it!

Vessel can be transformed a coat, a bag and a tent! This Vessel Coat Tent by Justin Gargasz. Vessel is a medium weight reversible jacket that can expand into a cocoon or collapse into sling bag. “Used when ever one feels the need to escape interactions in their present environment.”

Did I ever tell you about the time I was fantasising about an chocolate keyboard… well now there is one in white chocolate…


Yeah baby I am telling this would be the ultimate present for me when I turn 50, or when I get married… you know any huge give-bob-present-time, this is the gift people.. just so you all ave that in mindah… over and out!

I got one last week and today it got stolen. God what are trying to teach me?

So just so you al know I am not reachable, pray that my phone comes back and this all will turn to something good!


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