Ok, amazingly brat-like topic there! Never the less getting a new pair of shoes is one of the worst things there is (after doing the laundry!). You see one of my (amazingly good looking) legs is a bit more longer than the other one, So whenever I buy shoes I have to go to an orthopedic (the people who make plastic legs for people without anyminsko1) who puts in an extra 3 cm sole so that I will walk straight. However they are only titled to help me with two lousy shoes a year! Yes ladies… two pair of shoes a year!! So it was 11 months ago I last had a pair made,  so you can imagine the state of the pair I am wearing at the moment =)   But soon, yeah baby soon the day will arrive when new shiny Adidas will comfort my feet and hopefully make it till next year!

[pic: my new shoes]