So what has happened the last days… As you all have noticed I am not much of a personal-blog writer because I don’t like the idea of getting my personal life exposed to anyone who wants to take a peek… there are even times when I believe it is just so wrong! then again I guess everyone has the sudden urge to let it all out… Luckily I am definitely not one of those sad sad sad depressing insecure few… who probably sits with their laptop, watching drama movies which reminds them of their traumatic childhood… And then just has to write it all down in their pity-blog, so that everybody can read what an sad sad sad dump one has newly become! … thank God =)

Where was I … oh yeah, lets return to my first question… The last days I have been working, watching four seasons of scrubs, served at a wedding, fake-strangeling som kids, almost bought an iphone, wondering why people with short hair looks more mean and buff, commenced on a new book about the maffia, joined the red cross and planning on what to do next semester… there

Have a great day peeps