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Last wednesday evening I went to the Palms (thats the families last name)… (yes its true!!) and played a good old game of Risk with some friends, well, least to say we got qiute into it all… and people it not about having fun! its all about winning.


Last Sunday Bas and Jeroen (my two brothers) came to me for some pizza, movies and some brother-chit-chat! Its was great coming together all three, doesn’t happen all too often now a days. Well as you all know I cut my hair about two weeks ago, Jeroen got jealous and did the same thing, Now Bas doesn’t want to be left outside and so he got himself a nice trim as well  at my apartment…. see for yourself…


… is that really possible..!!, yes people, now it is! this is a real good way of showing the whole reason behind the financial crisis… At least I learned something =)






Ok, for any Swedish person this title might sound somewhat dirty slash wrinkly! I myself live as you all know in a place called Rinkeby, so seeing this drink called rynkeby makes me think – HAAAAAA !

Ah-ah. I heard about this organization from a friend and am already so hooked on the whole idea of getting some real training in what it means working within the development world…. So I have applied to this school at St Vincent:

Richmondvale academy

Check it out and tell me what you think…

Ok, amazingly brat-like topic there! Never the less getting a new pair of shoes is one of the worst things there is (after doing the laundry!). You see one of my (amazingly good looking) legs is a bit more longer than the other one, So whenever I buy shoes I have to go to an orthopedic (the people who make plastic legs for people without anyminsko1) who puts in an extra 3 cm sole so that I will walk straight. However they are only titled to help me with two lousy shoes a year! Yes ladies… two pair of shoes a year!! So it was 11 months ago I last had a pair made,  so you can imagine the state of the pair I am wearing at the moment =)   But soon, yeah baby soon the day will arrive when new shiny Adidas will comfort my feet and hopefully make it till next year!

[pic: my new shoes]

Yes, our dearest brothers daughter Mika had her birthday today turning one year. Obviously she got soooo spoiled by anyone who has ever met her and received the I-love-Mika-disease, to which there is no medicine. The ramifications for this virus is buying her a bunch of presents and doing anything in ones power to make her laugh… !!

We all love her =) Congratulations Bas and Linda and MIKA


So what has happened the last days… As you all have noticed I am not much of a personal-blog writer because I don’t like the idea of getting my personal life exposed to anyone who wants to take a peek… there are even times when I believe it is just so wrong! then again I guess everyone has the sudden urge to let it all out… Luckily I am definitely not one of those sad sad sad depressing insecure few… who probably sits with their laptop, watching drama movies which reminds them of their traumatic childhood… And then just has to write it all down in their pity-blog, so that everybody can read what an sad sad sad dump one has newly become! … thank God =)

Where was I … oh yeah, lets return to my first question… The last days I have been working, watching four seasons of scrubs, served at a wedding, fake-strangeling som kids, almost bought an iphone, wondering why people with short hair looks more mean and buff, commenced on a new book about the maffia, joined the red cross and planning on what to do next semester… there

Have a great day peeps

Well they say picture says more than a thousand words… but with this specific capture you can summurize all those thousand words into… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!   (what in earth have I done?!?)


I have cut my hair… there! This is by the way not the reason that I did not show up for church today, I also managed to hurt my leg when slipping on the ice… all this because I was in a hurry to church… I wonder what God thinks about that! Anyways my leg hurts and it will be a hustle to keep the children from climbing on me tomorow at work… maybee I will just have to hide all day from anyone who believes me to be a climbing frame (klätterställning)!!

Yesterday I attended their wedding… or actually I was helping out, but there wasn’t all that much to do, so we (being the crew) just hanged around eating all the good food and enjoying the evening much like all the others, except we got presents …uhu uhu! Anyways it was a nice evening, they managed to say yes, which this entire spectacle after all is all about…! …so Thank you Lena and Kenneth, may you live happily ever after.


Yes… it finaly stands in our appartent and delights us with its glorious presents, our dear Sony. It doesnt nag, only speaks when told to, is an amazing entertainer, and has a off and mute button…. me like =) Well unfortunetely I dont see why I will look more on tv now then I did before… these TV-channels simply doesnt offer any good entertainment, something I am hooked on!  So what to do?!?!


Saturday afternoon at 2 pm Stockholm Central Station froze five minutes, I was there and I am telling you it was awesome, check it out here:

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