Ah, another week has passed by, goals have been reached and new ones set up. As it is now I am working without any specific plan for what to come. You know, things just float by and though I am standing still the escalator moves me towards no planned goal at all. I mean things around happen; brother is getting married, niece is growing up, got a nice TV, Lalehs new record came out, work goes fine and well… lest just say the escalator takes life somewhere without me having to lift a finger! So I have thought out a crazy plan. What would you say If I just vanished from Sweden for 2 years… to work at an orphanage somewhere in Uganda or Vietnam or the Philippines… (anywhere warm!) … but Bob why in the world?!?!? … well,merely because I can I guess! The only thing that stops me is the thought, what would I do after that?… but that issue will always be there so! planning will go on and we will see what happens, as long as I am not stuck in this God forsaken comfort-zone!… do I hear an Amen!