Yes… its the new year I mean with the title there… My first days of work has started and its all going good. No day is lke the other when working with kids which is good but sometimes tireing… there is no way to put on any autopilot, and its all about keeping everyone occupied untill they are due to go home… Now dont get me wrong, I do like the kids and all, but I just looove when they leave for the day… it is like a burden is lifted of for every child that leaves the building… preferably they would all be sick and bedridden for a while (better watch out here, in case their parents read my blog) so that I can drink coffey all day and just … cruise the building and having meaningless conversations with my coworkers, but honestly that would probably be booring after a while, so I am glad the little raskals are there to fullfill my life with joy and crazy uproars.