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So sitting here and dont have anything special too write about so I thought I might aswell add another “your favorite” -thingy.  And you just hang in there because I have moore weird favorite choices comming up! And no, the title there has nothing to do with mooning, (i guess that is all that is on your mind!!) but you know the moon, real moon!  =)


Ok, I know the whole Obama hysteria has passed away and he has finally become the president and all but let us remember him once more by bringing up the shoes that has been made in his name… a funny thing per say, I would by all means not mind at all having a pair of Obama sneakers.  So its time for “your favorite choice” round three… Which of these Obama shoes do you like the most?


Ah, another week has passed by, goals have been reached and new ones set up. As it is now I am working without any specific plan for what to come. You know, things just float by and though I am standing still the escalator moves me towards no planned goal at all. I mean things around happen; brother is getting married, niece is growing up, got a nice TV, Lalehs new record came out, work goes fine and well… lest just say the escalator takes life somewhere without me having to lift a finger! So I have thought out a crazy plan. What would you say If I just vanished from Sweden for 2 years… to work at an orphanage somewhere in Uganda or Vietnam or the Philippines… (anywhere warm!) … but Bob why in the world?!?!? … well,merely because I can I guess! The only thing that stops me is the thought, what would I do after that?… but that issue will always be there so! planning will go on and we will see what happens, as long as I am not stuck in this God forsaken comfort-zone!… do I hear an Amen!

no… not a tv, but at TV… hehe complains from the family that its too big and I couldn’t agree any less, that is why i got it! So mum and my brother went to pick it up from the store because at the moment I have a bit of a fever and feeling somewhat dead… every part of my body is in agony and believe it or not but I had no energy to even look at Mr. 46 Sony bravia for the first day. Now the sickness has gone over somewhat and I actually don’t hurt everywhere anymore, like the tip of my ear, yes that part feels sooooo healthy. Now writing this took some energy and so I am hitting the sack… later

iceskatingYihaa… today I have been gliding back and forth on ice. Going ice skating is probably the closest jesus-feeling one can get… you know, he walked on the water and all! Personaly I am not a water walker like him, näe my giftings belings somewhere else. While the water walkers do their buisness in the summer time, I go on water in the winter. I am more of a frozen-water-glider… yeah… our kind gets out when its winter.

Yes… its the new year I mean with the title there… My first days of work has started and its all going good. No day is lke the other when working with kids which is good but sometimes tireing… there is no way to put on any autopilot, and its all about keeping everyone occupied untill they are due to go home… Now dont get me wrong, I do like the kids and all, but I just looove when they leave for the day… it is like a burden is lifted of for every child that leaves the building… preferably they would all be sick and bedridden for a while (better watch out here, in case their parents read my blog) so that I can drink coffey all day and just … cruise the building and having meaningless conversations with my coworkers, but honestly that would probably be booring after a while, so I am glad the little raskals are there to fullfill my life with joy and crazy uproars.

Yes indeed, my life as I know it has been on halt this last week. I have literally not done anything usual at all! Tomorrow at 10.30 I begin working, and well this may sound a bit weird, but I am looking forward to it. (Bob are you mad).. Well, yes but picture yourself looking at every episode of family guy in 5 days, just drinking coffee, eating pancakes and feeling a little sick (ok, that actually didn’t sound too bad!) … but wouldn’t you want to do something useful after a while? Well anyways its a brand new year symbolizing a brand new start … new years resolution… work out, watch more TV, read the Bible…

bye bye.

Hello everybody, Here is my families Newsletter, Just thought I would post it right here, for everyone to read, it is 2 weeks old so bare with me.

We just want to wish you a blessaed Christmas and a healthy and fruitfull New Year. That the peace of God will fill your heart, mind and soul and his nearness will be very evident in your live.These last months we were directed to Jesaja 61, were the Lord is comending us to bring good tidings to the poor, to heal the broken hearted, to set the captic free, and to bring the binded into the light.

This Fall Tjebbo and me have been from home quite a bit. New Life’s celgroup meetings, the preparation meetings for the coming Jesus Manifestation, speaking assignments ect. for Tjebbo, while Ans has been graduated for the RescueNet course, visited Sandhya, Jeroens’ fiancee, was working her hours in the hospital, took care of family bussenes and many other things.


Right now we are also in the preparations for our next Latvia trip. Tjebbo is leaving tomorrow to Latvia to do all the preparations for week 9. If you want to join, let us know.

But we are also looking forward to a family time next week, when Bas, Linda, Mika, Bob and Jeroen are staying with us for some days. Mika is winding everyone around her fingers, but we just love it!! Bas and Linda are doing great together, and a live full with new challenges.

Bob is working 75% as a substitude teacher. Also the worship team and the evenings with the homeless and outcasts are having a high prority in his life.

Jeroen has been in Portland with Sandhya for 2 weeks, which was a blessed time for both of them. He wants to get his’ Masters’ in the US and applied for a university close by, where he even good talk with one of the professors. They had a good conversation and he seems to be a good candidate for a scholarship.


Our Joy is still sick with malaria!! Fortunately it is not the one who effects the brain, but it was bad enough. This next 2 weeks she is using medication, to get rid of all the parasites and we pray for a quick healing and new strength. Last october she went to her first youth conference and quess what her favorit subject was……..“Intelligent Design!”

What is next:a

* Vonnie Michels, my american friend came for a visit. ….we talked for hours!

* 23-27 Dec. : Celebrating christmas with family and extanded family.

* 27 Dec.-3th Jan.:” Open cafe” in our church, for the ones who need a place to go to.

* 13 – 16 febr. The European Leaderships Conference of YWAM in Berlin, where Tjebbo will participate, which will be followed by a conference about working in cities with Kingdom principles.

For many of you this will be the first e-mail newsletter!

We hope you can see/ download the pictures as well. If there are any problems, please let us know.

Together for Jesus.

Ok, time for favorite choice number 2…

Which one is your favorite bench?


Yes honorable blog-readers, I got a cold and am sitting by the computer (how would I otherwise write this dummy!) I heard chocolate is good against any kind of sickness. And so right now I am imagining myself eating my keyboard all made out of chocolate…mmmm, that would be nice wouldn’t it!… I mean I would have to buy a new one, but it would be sooo worth it!chocolate-keyboard

Its 7 am. in the morning, the first of January and I am up (bob are you crazy or something?) … well as a matter of fact I am on my way to Holland, for a fast road trip. The timing is a bit… ehm, what shall we call it.. MAD! But then again its going to be great fun traveling with some friends sitting 35 hours in the car forth and back. The reason for this quick event is top class secret… but all for a good cause obviously! God bless you, have an amazing beginning of 2009, Happy New year and see you later.

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