In 30 minutes I am going to work… yes its early in the morning and Bob is to become a working man! Next semester I am getting a job as a fritidsledare (after school recreation-something) They raised my salary, begged on their knees and said I could leave whenever I want to If I could just work there with the kids…. How could I refuse =)…. they cant make it without Bob!!! So christmas is comming up and you all know what christmas is about right… because whenever I hit the streets in order to buy a present, I am overwelmed by stressed out sweedes who probably thinks Santa Claus was born on christmas eve, and so if youre not going crazy, you are probably not sharing the christmas spirit!! Well, honestly there is not a single sign anywhere that all this is about Jesus Christ… is it just me or is this realy frustrating! Oh well

God Bless and a pree-Merry Christmas