Aaaw, the dear Holiday about the lady who picked out her eyes because of love, how nice! Well the day has been crazy. First I woke up and had this amazing belief in myself purchasing a 42 inch full HD TV without hesitating from the Internet … So I called Jeroen who just woke up at 1 pm!!…. and asked for advice, obviously he said the wise thing… BOB NO!… wait and see what more there is out there!… so I ended up not buying anything as usual… but one day people I will get me one of those gigantic Tv screens and throw away hours of my time by looking at it!

Later I went to Kristers apartment, meeting up my dear old friend… planning some more cigar and whiskey evenings.. and then I went to City-church witnessing an African Christmas Concert, containing of colour full dresses, bongo-drums, lots of crazy dancing, singing  people and a truly Joyfull atmosphere, it sure was nice… Even I was shaking my (you know)!… So happy Lucia too you all out there and good night from Rinkeby