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Would you dare?



Which one of these is you favorite Chistmas Tree ?






Today I have been sitting in front of my screen all day… I actually can relate to Dilbert here!internet

Ok, Its a holiday and I am googling on fun stuff… because I am just loving not doing anything out of the ordinary!… So thats why I am bombing this blog with all this crazy stuff!

zw008If you think that the current economic crisis is something that has never happened in history before, you may be wrong! After the collapse of the agriculture sector in Zimbabwe in 2000, the inflation in that country skyrocketed to 231 million percent a year! Just think about it – 231 000 000%! link

[picture: kid walking to the spermarket. For the money he has, he can buy some tomatoes and eggs!]

Because inflation has gone sky-high a new bill has ben introduced: [picture: A 100 billion dollar bill, for this one can today affor 3 eggs!!]100-billion-zimbabwe-dollars

<< Luke 19:37 >>

When he came near the place where the road goes down the Mount of Olives, the whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen: “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!. Peace in heaven and glory in the highest! Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Jesus, “Teacher, rebuke your disciples! I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

smiles-stone<< Isaiah 55:12 >>

For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.

How great isn’t all things around? Hardly do we halt in the middle of our hectic days, look around and appreciate the things God has given us. And if we stop worshipping God, nature will, because God just cant go un-thanked!

[picture: singing rocks]

HeHe… I love this small stuff check it out:

AH, I am no the only one who hates all these invitatins, which initially seems nice but sorry to say… sooo irritting, like: chistmas hugs, snowbalfights, something chistian cheesy-whatever… argh!01_baobama1

Yes, it is not really christmas yet… because that would be tomorow. But the first time someone said merry chistmas, I was all AAAAW! You know like filled with this cosy feeling. So after that I am saying Merry Christmas to everyone. So I am sitting here in the couch with the whole family around, chilling, not doing anything, relaxing, … I love it.


Haha… for some reason this shoe-throw has become the worlds most known event this past week, Must admit that Bush has quick reflexes =), And for all you out there who have not yet witnessed the amazing-shoe-throws, check it out:

In 30 minutes I am going to work… yes its early in the morning and Bob is to become a working man! Next semester I am getting a job as a fritidsledare (after school recreation-something) They raised my salary, begged on their knees and said I could leave whenever I want to If I could just work there with the kids…. How could I refuse =)…. they cant make it without Bob!!! So christmas is comming up and you all know what christmas is about right… because whenever I hit the streets in order to buy a present, I am overwelmed by stressed out sweedes who probably thinks Santa Claus was born on christmas eve, and so if youre not going crazy, you are probably not sharing the christmas spirit!! Well, honestly there is not a single sign anywhere that all this is about Jesus Christ… is it just me or is this realy frustrating! Oh well

God Bless and a pree-Merry Christmas

Ah, I overslept and missed church… but I am sure God has mercy… yet again… on my Dutch soul =)

So Sorry people who only talk English… not Swedish I mean, but here is a commercial about radical Christians in Sweden. Its a 15 minute long radio-thing, where my dear  friends Krister and Resa has their say somewhere at the end of the program. Unfortunately they get interviewed between (according to me) weird christian-wanna-bees with somewhat unbiblical principles… like one guy says their shouldn’t be any Christians working for the government! Any who,  Good Job krister and Resa proclaiming that church is foremost people and not a building, and that Christians should take care of Gods environment... amen

The radio-link ... the one which is only in Swedish =)

Aaaw, the dear Holiday about the lady who picked out her eyes because of love, how nice! Well the day has been crazy. First I woke up and had this amazing belief in myself purchasing a 42 inch full HD TV without hesitating from the Internet … So I called Jeroen who just woke up at 1 pm!!…. and asked for advice, obviously he said the wise thing… BOB NO!… wait and see what more there is out there!… so I ended up not buying anything as usual… but one day people I will get me one of those gigantic Tv screens and throw away hours of my time by looking at it!

Later I went to Kristers apartment, meeting up my dear old friend… planning some more cigar and whiskey evenings.. and then I went to City-church witnessing an African Christmas Concert, containing of colour full dresses, bongo-drums, lots of crazy dancing, singing  people and a truly Joyfull atmosphere, it sure was nice… Even I was shaking my (you know)!… So happy Lucia too you all out there and good night from Rinkeby

AH AH,  Swedish Idol is now finished… haven’t followed it at all but all I now is that the winner (whatever his name is) is truly a sissy, nerd, dork, wimp, weirdoooo… a tönt!  Have you ever heard him talk? Truth to be told he cant talk, hes like -eh-eh, and then whatever comes out of his mouth sounds like a 6 year old stupid girl. I mean if the people would be judged by other means than their song-voice, this baby would be made into a laughing stock. Alice the dame who came second,  is at least civilised and 400 percent more mature than the 6 year old sissy winner…..!  me bitter? nääää =)

hehe… Norwegian commercial… awesome!

Well just too let you know I am going to start going too the gym after new year… so now when we got that sorted out lets check out whats in my freezer at the moment1210082143071 [click picture]

As you can see I am not “the lets spend the entire Wednesday evening preparing some nice food for myself -guy” Rather… “If I must eat by myself let it either be prepared in my mixer or in the micro wave oven – guy”

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