Yes, believe it or not, but it has to be said, the people in New Life church and the helpfulness towards those who are less fortunate has been growing tremendously and I must say that I am proud to belong to such a wonderful group of people. Tonight we had a huge dinner/ Feast for the homeless and anyone who wanted food. and about 50 people came.

Now this may sound like *aaw -how nice of you Christians to let go of some bad conscious by giving the poor guy some food, because some food is really what he needs!, and secretly you are actually just wanting to ‘save’ him!*

But it wasn’t like that at all, contacts where made, further arrangements where also made, and I believe this is merely the first step for New Life to reach out to its community in a way God fearing people should! I must however say one cant go out and save the world without caring about the soul, because that would surely be a shallow/stupid way to help ones neighbours. Neither should we merely seek to ‘save’ people for Christ without showing we care practically, people otherwise see right through our heart… ouch

(NL: New Life or Netherlands! hmm)