Ah-Ah. n506532518_1646041_73761

Altough my humble father was in charge of the appertizer… (kidding dad!), This saturday-Gala was truly a sucess. We had about 90 people comming to our lovely feast, a feast for feast sake! Because we all love feasts! And where there is a feast there is great food, and where there is great food you will indeed find me somewhere. Right now I am home all wiped out of energy, and so are all you who helped to make this evening even more enjoyable. So from the depts of my heart… thank you!    (HAHAHA) ok that sounded just soo not like me, but somewhere inside this hard shell of mine, I am most likely to be thankful

I am already preparing for the next Party…. an evening for just Guys (no I am not gay), but I like to eat in a certain manner and and you know … be a mansgris for just one single moment ok! So looking forward to that, goodnight.

[picture: The hosts of the evening; Joy and me]