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Talked with some friends earlier today about ownership of airspace… you know like the airspace above sweden belongs to Sweden!… question is how high up does it still belong to Sweden, is there a limit?.. otherwise when the moon is above Sweden, technically we would own the moon! And those few minutes the moon is ours we can do absolute anything we want with it… !!

Apperently Russia dived under the artic ice and put their flag under the artic cirkel on the bottom of the sea there. So when the whole thing melts… they will probably claim that ocean for themselves. … !


Ok this irritates me, but the Swedish media still calls this city Bombay… why its real name today is Mumbai. They changed a couple of years ago (1996) because Bombay was the name given by the British empire, India felt like making it their own! SVD (the Swedish newspaper says they don’t call it Mumbai for the same reason you don’t call Copenhagen; København. But the difference is that København is Danish, Mumbai is not… its … International! …stupid stupid stupid ARGH! OK so its late and I am blogging about stupid things which irritate me… you know what else, I don’t like Kiwis, its a disgusting fruit! Morr

Yes, believe it or not, but it has to be said, the people in New Life church and the helpfulness towards those who are less fortunate has been growing tremendously and I must say that I am proud to belong to such a wonderful group of people. Tonight we had a huge dinner/ Feast for the homeless and anyone who wanted food. and about 50 people came.

Now this may sound like *aaw -how nice of you Christians to let go of some bad conscious by giving the poor guy some food, because some food is really what he needs!, and secretly you are actually just wanting to ‘save’ him!*

But it wasn’t like that at all, contacts where made, further arrangements where also made, and I believe this is merely the first step for New Life to reach out to its community in a way God fearing people should! I must however say one cant go out and save the world without caring about the soul, because that would surely be a shallow/stupid way to help ones neighbours. Neither should we merely seek to ‘save’ people for Christ without showing we care practically, people otherwise see right through our heart… ouch

(NL: New Life or Netherlands! hmm)

jg16_30aDid you know that the entire Bible and almost all its stories has been built up in Lego. It quite amazing. Not just that someone has the energy and the money to do this but. But just the thought that someone has the ….energy… to do this strikes me as quite amazing. You can almost get any story in the Bible in Lego-pictures. [Like this when Samson uses his strength one last time-picture]

check it out The Brick Testament here.

Ah another thing, I have managed to get mt little sister interested in raw action movies… I so love her, yesterday we saw the 13th warrior together =)

snowAll suddenly, from nowhere, without a warning it came, falling down, a freakin’ nightmare for some a white dream for others. They say its going to dissapear soon, but who do they think they are, limiting our winterfantasy and doing their lousy jobs over there…! they, I dont like them over there saing stuff. All the stuff they say over there pfft! They are baad people man, I am warning you!

the snow good all the time, and all the time…. the snow is good

Ah-Ah. n506532518_1646041_73761

Altough my humble father was in charge of the appertizer… (kidding dad!), This saturday-Gala was truly a sucess. We had about 90 people comming to our lovely feast, a feast for feast sake! Because we all love feasts! And where there is a feast there is great food, and where there is great food you will indeed find me somewhere. Right now I am home all wiped out of energy, and so are all you who helped to make this evening even more enjoyable. So from the depts of my heart… thank you!    (HAHAHA) ok that sounded just soo not like me, but somewhere inside this hard shell of mine, I am most likely to be thankful

I am already preparing for the next Party…. an evening for just Guys (no I am not gay), but I like to eat in a certain manner and and you know … be a mansgris for just one single moment ok! So looking forward to that, goodnight.

[picture: The hosts of the evening; Joy and me]

Well preparations for tomorow is going good. We have all ready about 85 people who have signed up to come and another 20 who just said they would come. What Bob…. what in the world are you talking about?. The 22 November-Gala of cource. My dad and me are putting a big feast together and the responses has been amazing. In an hour I am leaving to pick up some pyrotechnics and this afternoon the cooking is commencing….. loooots of nice food!

Its gonna be greatish yao!. Still wanna come? just write to and come to new life facilities at 18.-hundred hours… with your absolute best outfit.

See you

hollandSorry guys, but I cant just keep it to myself, but either the Swedish football team sucks bigtime, or the Dutch team are sooo much better. Point taken Holland is better than sweden!… and not only in football, nooooo, in all things, we are simply better human beings. (wow Bob, you are humble huh!) hehe, well the facts are simple God favours some over the other. aaaaah! ps dont take it personally


[Band members: Stefan, Jordana, Bob and Christina]

Here is by the the way a picture of our band, called Fireplace. Our Europe Tour is on its way starting at Hovet in Stockholm next week. So get ready for this amazing musical revolution and Rock with our lastest number-one-hits:

– Chill aint Cool

– I´m Hot

– Smoke comes from where

– Pyroman Me (Platinum world wide)

Other bands performing during the entire tour will be The Crocodiles all the way from Sydney, Swedish Pc-techno Caps Lock and introducing for the first time ever Bono. By tickets HERE

21602_redalert3concept_normalMan its a marvelous day, I slept until I couldn’t sleep any more, played the latest red alert 3, made a big milkshake containing strawberry ice-cream, frozen strawberry’s and lots of lemon-juice, then in an hour or so I am going home to Bas and Linda in order to hand over my old PC and consume some pizza, and later … Ah dad is here now to pick me up… later yall

later that day: I am home! wohoo! goodnight

OK I am having a moment now…

It just struck me as I saw a movie “The seeker, the dark is rising” and… as I told you before, for some reason many identify (at lest me) with the head character.. or the hero! So briefly this movie I about this guy who for some reason is the light and needs to defeat darkness (man Bob, that’s just a very old, worn-out and kind of corny concept!) yayaya… anyways, the thing that struck me was this:

“In the same way, let your light shine before people in such a way that they will see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” – Matt 5:16

It is hard to grasp things from the Bible and apply them to yourself, many times we apply it to “us” and not to “I or me” Hence many of the teachings from the Bible just pass us by, because we think they don’t apply to specifically ME. So Christians out there, read out loud to yourself:

I am the… (hey, I said read out loud!!), again: I am the light of the world, let my light shine before men so that they may glorify our father in heaven.

Again… but hey a bit louder, this time huh!: I am the light of the world, let my light shine before men so that they may glorify our father in heaven.           …amen

a mind-opener isn’t it?        hehe, goodnight.

dsc02899A couple of days has gone since I last posted anything here, but hey… you don’t want me to post boring stuff just for the puny sake of posting something, I mean that would be a waste of an absolute amazing blog. But today I have met… well yes you see it on the picture, the most lovely lady in the world.. and what else of importance to write about than just that! Mika


The Elections for President is today… have you voted?

Obama 2008

Well, What would I do If I became the president? First of all I would let taxes pay all medical bills and school fees. By raising the taxes for rich people…. but in the US they would call you a socialist (sister to communism!!!… they ain’t too bright over there) and it wouldn’t work. Then I would sign the koyoto protocol and extra-tax all car owners, in order to press forward more smart traveling such as buses and trains! (this starts to sound a lot like Sweden!) Then I would let a fewer expertize International team of anthropologists take over in Iraq and gradually move the army (who by the way invaded the nation due to false accusations) After that I would ask Natalie Portman to become the First Lady and Obama my Vice.

President Bob addressing the Nation.


929059-3-barack-obama-sketchHere we go the election in the U.S has been rolling for quite a while now, and non of the candidates has had any rest the last couple of days. Ladies and Gentle Men, it is about to come to a coclusion. Personally I vote for Obama… Dont ask me why but Mcain seems to fall apart the dude is just to old man… And Palin is simply right out dumb, Its great she is a radicall christian and all but there has to be much more too it!

The problem is Michael Moore is voting Obama and he always votes for the one that looses the campaign! Then agian Natalie Portman likes Obama, and in that case… who wouldnt!

Or maybee…  aha, we have a new candidate !!for-president1

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