Today is the 15 th of October:

Well it might sound corny but today is the day to write about the environment, not that it is nice and appealing to the eye, because that is all blabla… meaning we know this, No! the environment is in danger. All though the world is awakening and I have belief for a change, their is still one group of people I would like to ask to take their responsibility and that are the Christians, the Church. Why in the world are not christian in the lead of appealing to the rest to take care of Gods creation, why are not churches examples of environmental friendly solutions for their own surroundings. don’t get me wrong, we are in the lead of helping organisations, aiding communities and reaching out to individuals… but here there is a huge gap people, and if we want people to follow God we aught to live a life worth following in earthly terms as well.

But Bob, God is coming back any time and so who cares, the Bible says worst days are coming so why fight it?

– God is a God of three generation. He is a God of Abraham, Isac and Jacob (Matthew 22:32), meaning he is not only a God of today, but also yesterday and tomorrow. Christian are living in a world where heaven is their future now!… In ‘worldly’ terms dear ladies and gentlemen, this would be called a non-sustainable way of life. If you want to be good examples of Gods caretakers and seekers of the kingdom and his righteousness, show not only that you care, but take responsibility, take action and encourage others to the same.