Jeroen, Jeroen… It all began by him complaining that the Kebab must have been poisoned or something because his stomach was not too good. At the end of the day he was walking around the house, asking me if I ever had the same….like “if you push right here it hurts”… “what pain because of kebab?.. näää”. Obviously some expert advice was needed since my ‘nää’ didn’t seem to be good enough, so we called mum who is right now in Holland and she said it could be the appendix… Ah! So 11.30 in the evening the car drove of to the hospital, Jeroen got morfin (wohoo) and an hour later the surgery was to commence. So now its the morning after and in 5 minutes Dad and myself are leaving to the Hospital to see how he is.

“nää”… man was that all I could say, I dint even bother to care! What kind of bother am I, nää! Feel kinda bad about that, but hey I am not the victim here I guess…. he just got his guts split open to remove this annoying, unnecessary little thing. Jeroen love you bro, sorry.


…Later this same day…

Well I am back home and Jeroen was doing fine, the first thing we saw when opening the door where he stays was him throwing up in a special-throw-up-bag… -oh welcome guys.  Apparently he had the longest appendix they had every seen. A big one is around 10 cm, his was 17 cm… wow!! (the longest one in the world was 26 cm!) Not that Anybody knows the average size on these things, but his was Huge… it was coming out of his ears!