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It is 4.50 in the morning and I am up in order to go for work. WHAT!! Yes believe it or not but this is beyond my own human capacity, that is why I don’t use it right now, nothing at this instance is done out of my own will, my own feelings or even by my spirit. I am more of a robot this time a day just doing as somebody has programmed me to. Somewhere around 8 o’clock, I will wake up and wonder how the heck I got to work.

Tonight… meaning tomorrow morning at 00.07 I am watching the premier of the new Bond movie. Gah I am going to be so wasted (as in tired) at work tomorrow!…. I better sleep in between when I come home today….but hey, its going to be worth while. Well that’s all… have a nice day guys!


ok somebody hacked my facebook account and has seriously hurt my amazingly high reputation =)
…. if you get it… dont open it peace yall

Wrong game!

Comercial for dutch online-site

Its not fair to play Golf with Darth Vader!!

Answer these questions and send your answer to :

…if you want to join that is. Welcome

I sometimes wish the thought of God being right here right now being more than a hope, more than a struggling belief inside me, more than an everyday need for conviction. Maybe the fact that a personal relationship is possible, doesn’t necessary first of all make him more wonderful, but makes my expectations and demands more…. expecting! If it where that all he did was sit up there, fine… no argue he just is, but now when a dialog is possible and a void is all that’s coming back, am I to rely on hope alone?

But Bob you ain’t listening good enough, or your heart ain’t clean enough… ! hmm well God is God and even if a wall would be between us … wouldn’t he… ah! I am sure he’s present. God if youre out there or read my blog, please just let me know. Amen

‘Stället’… meaning ‘the place’ is where i currently am spending my Wednesday evenings. It is a place where people who have or are suffering from different kind of addictions come for coffey tea and each others fellowship, a place of testimonies and a place to feel at ease with each other and our common heavenly father. For some reason that is where God seems most real to me, among former broken people who would never had made it if it wasnt for the healing and comforting help from above. It is a place where things are kept real, prestige doesnt exist, people seem to be filled with more than merely life.


Hej alla mina barn på Fridhemsskolan…. vill bara säga att ni är fantastiska… Om ni vill se krokodil-videon, tryck här. … om ni vågar. Tyvärr så är denna blog på engelska, men ni kan ju alltid försöka läsa ändå!

Ha det jätte bra så ses vi. /Byggare Bob

OK, all that was maybe somewhat depressing, believe it or not but I am actually a cheerful and happy man. But even our kind of breed need  time to complain and let the world how we feel these dark and rainy days. But even in these days a glimpse of joy breaks through my hard barriers… like when my brother and me walked into the store for shopping and we found this sign:

Ho-land !

I know the Netherlands has a bad reputation for its liberal way of life, but this is really taking it to the edge.

Hi guys, Sorry for my inactive time, not being faithful to my blog. I have been lazy, quiet and zzzzzzzzzzzz!. Well after a few complaints I might as well update you all what has been happening in my life this last week ……. NOTHING! I am in a mood where everything sucks. So let me tell you my list: Autumn sucks, dark mornings suck, my broken mixer sucks big-time, me being all-day-tired sucks, the condition of the world sucks, and my amazing mood right now suuuuucks!

Do you have a list? I would soo love to hear your sucklist!

Today is the 15 th of October:

Well it might sound corny but today is the day to write about the environment, not that it is nice and appealing to the eye, because that is all blabla… meaning we know this, No! the environment is in danger. All though the world is awakening and I have belief for a change, their is still one group of people I would like to ask to take their responsibility and that are the Christians, the Church. Why in the world are not christian in the lead of appealing to the rest to take care of Gods creation, why are not churches examples of environmental friendly solutions for their own surroundings. don’t get me wrong, we are in the lead of helping organisations, aiding communities and reaching out to individuals… but here there is a huge gap people, and if we want people to follow God we aught to live a life worth following in earthly terms as well.

But Bob, God is coming back any time and so who cares, the Bible says worst days are coming so why fight it?

– God is a God of three generation. He is a God of Abraham, Isac and Jacob (Matthew 22:32), meaning he is not only a God of today, but also yesterday and tomorrow. Christian are living in a world where heaven is their future now!… In ‘worldly’ terms dear ladies and gentlemen, this would be called a non-sustainable way of life. If you want to be good examples of Gods caretakers and seekers of the kingdom and his righteousness, show not only that you care, but take responsibility, take action and encourage others to the same.

Thank you Eleah and Julia for an amazing party last Sunday…. finally a feast in Tensta/Rinkeby… it surely was a wake up call to have more festivities in this part of town… the best part of town if I might add.

Jeroen made this awesome video when he found some of my ‘hidden’ clipps from my computer when I wasn’t home… well it is approved, so check it out. =)…

Today the 11:th of Oktober its the birthday of Dad. Unfortunetely mum is in Holland, but non the less we celebrate it with some breakfest in bed…

…lookie looike.

Yesterday I stayed home without any cellphone, no computer, no fun technical instrument at my disposal, nothing to entertain me!! … I-landsproblem?!

But then again I had a great book, which is finished now (Johny Cash biography) and a nice big slice of Hawaii-pizza. I love Hawaii.

[mattias in our livingroom]

This afternoon dad sended out an email telling people about jeroens condition and spreading the word in order to spread the prayers… and he put this blog in that mail… So all you people who have been looking… Jeroen is comming home tomorow, the surgery went fine, Jeroen is better so thank God and thank you all who have been praying for him.

Peace out/ vdE – family

Funny thing that happened was that they gave him some morfin to release the pain and then asking him to take a shower… ‘it was the most wonderful shower ever’ (quote from Jeroen). Hmmm I wonder why =)

[picture] : One of these guys dont belong in the hospital, can you tell who?

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