Well, the U.S has decided upon their so called “rescue plan” !!, yes it involves borrowing  around 700 billion dollars from I don’t know who. It is strange if you think about it because everybody is borrowing from everybody everywhere all the time and it becomes like a real twisted spider web of borrowers and lenders… in the end i wonder who is gaining from this… its not the ones in need!

I always said to myself not to spend what you don’t have however currently people see it as an asset with borrowed (somebody else’s) money, more debt – more rich!, while its… noooot! Am I the only guy in the world who thinks this ?!?!   AAARGH!

Take a good look on the financial system out there, it all encourages us to borrow money so we can afford something big and fancy now! It all encourages us to tie ourselves up to a system which will enslave mankind as you now it. Our soul might belong to God, but the rest   ajajaj…  we seem to owe some bank!

The system build around this relationship of owing somebody else, creates a quite unnatural bond, a forced bond that ties people up and takes away any form of freedom. To lend out money is to retrieve power, or be given access to set boundaries and in the end the lenders require total loyalty… or else! There is no free will here friend.

“The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.” Proverbs 22:7 (KJV)

Personally I don’t owe anybody anything, free from it all, every 50-öring I come by is mine (mohohaha)… or Gods, but the point is not to borrow and not to spend cash which ain’t yours, get it?… jao