Tomorrow I will turn 27 years, some people say congratulations, others go like -oh, I’m sorry man!  =)

There is nothing wrong in getting older its just that you wish you had accomplished so much by now! and wouldn’t wasted all that time on doing things just for the heck of it such as having a level 70 Rouge on World of Warcraft, seeing every possible movie there is, reading a book on blow-fishes and how they live, spending an abundant time on writing on a blog  (ops!).. But I guess quality of life also means doing these pointless things and being able to enjoy the moment although I will forget all about it the next day! Old is Gold!

Are there things I regrett? : yes! Do I wish I had accomplished more? : yes! Do I wish I was a bit younger? : yes….. Am I happy? : yes.

God bless!

ps… are you going to wish Bob a happy birthday?: yes