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An amazing good interview from what it means every time you press the button to cross the street. Prisma teknik says it symbolizes that there is only one way to God and thats through Jesus Christ. Peoples reaction upon this hasn’t been good (obviously, this is sweden where everything should be neutral), people write it is as if someone is forcing religion upon them… these are with other words insecure people who feels they are threatened for some reason? or who still thinks atheism isn’t a religion?

Tell you what, as a christian, if it where a Muslim sign… I wouldn’t mind at all… ESPECIALLY if I didn’t believe in the message… because I am secure in my faith. But hey welcome to Sweden, where religion is tabu and no one is aloud to mention the word Jesus… because otherwise you can get hung be the neck.

GAH, vad bra… helt sjukt bra intervju!

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Varje gång du tryckerpå knappen för att det ska bli grön gubbe, står du framför en symbol som visar på att Jesus är den enda vägen till Gud.