Ah, the place we are at now is amazingly beautiful, the neighbours have reindeers and lama-animals as pets!! I have gone picking berries (bjornbar) which is going to become a nice pie and I am sleeping until 11 every day…aah 

Yesterday I had my biggest beer ever and I bought stroop-wafels… loads of it …and chocolate spread.. loads of it… and a new bag =) For some reason I always get bad conscience after buying something expensive for myself, but it is an investment I guess…. as for the food It will be given away back in Sweden, so I feel peace in my heart about that, man that sounded christian… I mean I am cool about the whole deal and all. Today I am going to sit by the pool all day long and chill, get a bit tanned, eat stroopwafels, drink a bottle of wine, swim, grumble about life and start reading my new book… the life of Johny Cash.  

Peace out from the Netherlands.