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Jeroen and I made a short video for Johan ström and his family…. from New Lifers


… that warm water freezes faster than cold water.

… it is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open (try it)

… that people with dendrophobia fear trees, those with bibliophobia fear books and those with hoplophobia fear firetrucks.  …. I feel sorry for all of them.

… that a ducks “kwacking does not echo… no one knows why.

… that the electrical chair was invented by a dentist (my favorite)

… that George W Bush used to be a cheer leader.

… that a ¨a drink of coca-cola light floats on water while normal coca cola sinks

… when a crime in Sweden is committed you are innocent until proven otherwise, in USA you are guilty until proven otherwise.

This is dedicated to our dear friend Kevin Kazemi


In order to let my mind free, last days I have changed from Vista back to XP .. because i think Vista is sluggish and slow, which haunts me wherever I seem to go… so, I did it all and found drivers to bound, but I still cant manage to get any sound, which drives me crazy in my overly speeded head, I wish my addiction to this computer was dead.

Jeroen and Bobs vacation part 5 … in Amersfoort

Just had a church-weekend-camp-time, and it has truly been a good time, although it was exceptionally short much happens in such a short period of time and it was worth dragging myself all the way to the outskirts of Sweden (at least I think so… that it was far-ish away that is)


Check this out.

An amazing good interview from what it means every time you press the button to cross the street. Prisma teknik says it symbolizes that there is only one way to God and thats through Jesus Christ. Peoples reaction upon this hasn’t been good (obviously, this is sweden where everything should be neutral), people write it is as if someone is forcing religion upon them… these are with other words insecure people who feels they are threatened for some reason? or who still thinks atheism isn’t a religion?

Tell you what, as a christian, if it where a Muslim sign… I wouldn’t mind at all… ESPECIALLY if I didn’t believe in the message… because I am secure in my faith. But hey welcome to Sweden, where religion is tabu and no one is aloud to mention the word Jesus… because otherwise you can get hung be the neck.

GAH, vad bra… helt sjukt bra intervju!

kolla här

Varje gång du tryckerpå knappen för att det ska bli grön gubbe, står du framför en symbol som visar på att Jesus är den enda vägen till Gud.

Just commented on John van Dinthers blog on the issue of “The cut and Paste theology”

Cut and paste … its true people pick out what they like and wipe out the rest… how many times havent we heard.. “well, to me God is someone that…”
The fact is that Gods personality does not make him exist more or less. Therefore one can not say… “how can you believe in a God that does this and that”… because even if God was evil.. it would not affect his existence! So praise the Lord he IS a good and loving God. Amen


Få gratis biobiljetter

Get free cinematickets just press the green link.

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A crocodile is loose… see the exiting episode.

For a couple of days ago the whole world turned its eyes away from China if just for a second and witnessed Russian troops hailing over Georgia… the cause that triggered the invasion happened the fourth of August as Georgian artillery killed six people from the separatist region. For their defence Russia also claimed Georgia hadn’t signed a peace treaty which would stop any future military attacks against Russia… and then they (meaning Russia) went ahead and did exactly the opposite of what their own treaty demanded.

To this day we know Russia is the stronger country military wise, they have put their fear into Georgia by showing just that (entering the country with with an unnecessary abundant force, killing a vast amount civilians and then leaving again like nothing had happened)… hoping this fear will generate respect and future obedience to the Mother country. However and I quote… no, not from the Bible but from a known green midget source saying “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering” I pray the latter will not come to be, for the the day will surely come when Russia has burned its own bridges across the world and when allies are running short.

As it is today what has happened will be forgotten in the stream of news from the Olympic Games, another thousand or so people have lost their lives due to Russians atempt to set the status que in balance. but in the end of the day we now that “ Fear is the path to the dark side”!

(click on the picture and see where you will end up)

Jeroen and Bobs vacation  part 3 …

Grandmas birthday.

Här är andra videon… från vår andra dag.

In two hours from now we are leaving the house and head to the airport in Eindhoven, shortly after that we are back in Sweden… back in Stockholm… back in Rinkeby… back to fil o flingor… so anybody want some dutch food, you now where to find me =)

This vacation has been great, especially getting away from stress and meet up with all the family and spending time with Mika (brothers doughter). So I have packed my bags, bought stroopwafels, wine, chocolate-spread to put on bread. The only thing I missed was a day on the beach and a day in Amsterdam, but oh well, gotta save something for next time….

When I am back I will publish more of Jeroens and my delightfull movies.

see you.

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