Well this past week I have taken care of two cats for a friend, and today is my last day with the small krabbats! But it hasn’t been that easy first of all they have an overflow of hair, so much that whenever I pet the little smushkin my hand is filled with the a huge amount of abundant fur…  yamy!

So anyways I was told the cats don’t jump out the window, so its all ok to leave the windows open, obviously when I am here one of them jumped out. I didn’t see it I just heard a lot of mjauing outside. So i looked out the window and there where two black cats there… I went outside and took one of them inside… hopefully the right one!, otherwise we have a complete stranger inside….  =) the next thing that happened was that one of the cats puked on the floor… Yew,… and shit the animal is sick man! I cleaned the floor and petted the poor little thing and called up my cat-expert-friend

who told me to calm down because cats puke every now and then. There and then I

decided to never ever get myself a cat.