Obviously we need to save the world, but why does it need saving? why in the world do I need to prolong the life of somebody in order for that person to die a just as meaningless death 50 years later? Is it because of fairness so that everyone can live the same amount of meaningless years? Is it because of value, a person is after all more valuable than all the money in the world? Maybe it is a human thrive to help out ones brothers and sisters…

.. or maybe it is not all done in vain in the first place! Think our lives as fire on a match-stick, it burns out like that… poff … takes about a minute, match catches on fire… pfft,… shhh… poff fire gone! bye bye life… But then again it doesn’t have to be like that, if put together with a greater flame, it will live.

There can’t be the one exclusive of the other. One can’t go and save the world through the Red Cross or Sida or someother “help” organization (!!) and don’t care about the soul… there I said it! Ya mann. The soul, I got one, you got one, maybe someone has two, none the less the soul needs saving as well. In the same way a missionary who just cares solitary about the souls-saving business, won’t be heard or respected, nor should he/she be respected… Body and soul people, B.S (not bullshit), save body save soul…=  never die … (yeah preach it B!)

Or in more insightful words

“love your neighbor as yourself and love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength”

… and share eternity with our heavenly father. AMEN…. Nämen =)