No…way out south” does not include palm-trees, margaritas or hula-girls saying Aloha Bob!, I am talking about the south side of Stockholm yao. And to be frankly it is quite the opposite, There doesn’t seem to be any life over here, no smiles, no signs of light (not litterally ment there, they do have electricity here aswell!), nothing!…. and then when I sat in the subway (tube) on my way to work it came to me… – there are only swedes living here! I actually found myself searching for foreigners in the subway just to get a safe familiar feeling (ok Bob good for you!) … for some reason I really long for dear old Rinkeby … home! (am living on the South side of Stockholm for another week to take care of two cats for a friend) but until then I find myself dreaming away through my book “STILL” written by a colleague about the ghetto life in Solna… and yes, reading it in the subway actually drives my “book-imagination” (the world inside the book inside your head, everybody has a B.I)) to a place of more colour…. So there folks -don’t move south!, North rules, …

and so does hula girls (kepasa!?!, äh)…. goodnight Stockholm. =)

ps, oh by the way, cats are wery hairy!