To all you who kindly (and harshly ) responded to my amazing wisdom:

HAHA, well this is all very amusing, but get the big picture guys… I am not saying I am against it nor for it, nor that you are unintelligent (though that did create a lot of humorous responses from people who directly thought about themselves). I am saying this is an issue that becomes debatable because our comfort zone is in danger… not our safety! That is why people from even the smallest hut somewhere in the deepest Swedish pint-forest raise their eyebrows and goes –oh no! Because their softish couch aint that softish anymore. (check out the picture below) .. comfort zone and privacy : our modern Gods! … To all you debaters: There is no Government conspiracy who is looking for people to hang by looking up their email! … and I don’t like the FRA law either, but I still am humored by the blown up discussion around it…( HAHAHA…. still laughing)

Let’s create a scenario, where the Swedish National Defense Radio Establishment checks YOU up… ooo creepy! Don’t get me wrong, but since I have nothing to hide I don’t give it much thought. Now to the next point as a politician I would without a doubt use this opportunity and let people walk right into my open arms of understanding… come to me all you voters, I love you and suddenly I don’t like the FRA-law either!

At least promise me you won’t vote on the mere basis of the FRA… THAT would without a doubt make you a dumb unintelligent (+ some more words like that) human being.