What is it that captivates people to get so into the whole question of the FRA-law ? (A law that gives the Swedish National Defense Radio Establishment the right to intercept all Internet exchange points that exchange traffic that crosses Swedish borders.)

The law has met protests and opposition all across the Swedish political landscape, with even the youth organizations of the parties in the ruling government coalition being against it. Practically all major newspapers have spoken out against the law, along with lobbying organizations such as the Swedish Bar Association (not kidding!). Telecom and internet companies such as Google, Bahnhof and TeliaSonera shuns the law, and there is concern that the law may repel foreign investment in Sweden. Belgium has in fact taken Sweden to the European Court of Human Rights. – wikipiki

When sitting back and examining this rollercoaster of disapproving hordes pursuing their own rights of privacy, it becomes clear that we need more disasters in Europe… so that people can get involved in REAL problems! Since without doubt this is a typically westernized problem (I-lands problem)… characterized as a minor issue which is blown out of proportions because people have too few REAL problems to worry about!!!

Sure people go to meet their maker because of hunger and disease and wars more terrible than anything… or there are nations ruled by oppressors that rip their citizens from any kind of human right… or that probably 95 percent of the world population are poorer than YOU, who might yet live another day if you take a small step from your comfort zone. But hey we want our comfort zones and by God we will protect them with everything we got. Isn’t that what it is all about? Honestly? I hear people comparing this with Hitler’s hunt for Jews… give me a break. The truth?… I´ll give it to you straight, … I-lands problem!!

So, Bob are you saying you ridicule anyone who is wholeheartedly debating this issue… YES =)

Obviously politicians have more important issues to discuss, but understanding that the average non-intelligent citizen want to protect their comfort zones… they take advantage of the dumb mass in order to get more favour (must say its a smart move!)