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Tomorrow I am leaving to the Motherland…… Hollandia

Obviously I am going to bring my brand new toy.


Ajajaj Bob please don’t go there… (hehe)

Well honestly I have done the same thing by having a festival screaming out JESUS in the streets… you know proclaiming what I believe in…. reason? : To let people in Stockholm now there are many Christians out there who believe in a one true God. Why? because christian are in a minority and need to show themselves and express themselves to the whole country (or in christian terms “to the world” (ojojoj) and because it is a great fun feeling of freedom to let go of the fear of men and proclaim what you believe in!

Well maybe you get the ironic picture here.. the Pride-festival is exactly the same thing…  with the goal of normal acceptance, and making a point to hetero world out there! The question is what point are we making through these public announcements… that we are crazy people who like to shake and shout…? Or in the pride-f that gay/bi/tr people are over-promiscuous with weird clothing and anything but normal ?… honestly in both these cases it strikes me as the concepts don’t work in line with the goal! because it creates an even more twisted idea in peoples minds.

Christian… yes I am not stupid, I know there is a spiritual side to it as well as we pray for our country and call upon the Lords presence, Issues that make the whole Jesus-Manifestation valuable, important and worth it.

I am just questioning the in both the cases, maybe especially the Pride Festival since it is more meant to be a show, if the goal of trying to get people to think different is reached…. or counteracted.

Just Imagine us having a huge Hetero Festival with people of different gender making out everywhere to make a point…. wouldn’t that stride against the whole purpose?

am I wrong, right, yes, no.. ? bu eller bä?  tell me

Either like it or hate it =)

Well this past week I have taken care of two cats for a friend, and today is my last day with the small krabbats! But it hasn’t been that easy first of all they have an overflow of hair, so much that whenever I pet the little smushkin my hand is filled with the a huge amount of abundant fur…  yamy!

So anyways I was told the cats don’t jump out the window, so its all ok to leave the windows open, obviously when I am here one of them jumped out. I didn’t see it I just heard a lot of mjauing outside. So i looked out the window and there where two black cats there… I went outside and took one of them inside… hopefully the right one!, otherwise we have a complete stranger inside….  =) the next thing that happened was that one of the cats puked on the floor… Yew,… and shit the animal is sick man! I cleaned the floor and petted the poor little thing and called up my cat-expert-friend

who told me to calm down because cats puke every now and then. There and then I

decided to never ever get myself a cat.

Obviously we need to save the world, but why does it need saving? why in the world do I need to prolong the life of somebody in order for that person to die a just as meaningless death 50 years later? Is it because of fairness so that everyone can live the same amount of meaningless years? Is it because of value, a person is after all more valuable than all the money in the world? Maybe it is a human thrive to help out ones brothers and sisters…

.. or maybe it is not all done in vain in the first place! Think our lives as fire on a match-stick, it burns out like that… poff … takes about a minute, match catches on fire… pfft,… shhh… poff fire gone! bye bye life… But then again it doesn’t have to be like that, if put together with a greater flame, it will live.

There can’t be the one exclusive of the other. One can’t go and save the world through the Red Cross or Sida or someother “help” organization (!!) and don’t care about the soul… there I said it! Ya mann. The soul, I got one, you got one, maybe someone has two, none the less the soul needs saving as well. In the same way a missionary who just cares solitary about the souls-saving business, won’t be heard or respected, nor should he/she be respected… Body and soul people, B.S (not bullshit), save body save soul…=  never die … (yeah preach it B!)

Or in more insightful words

“love your neighbor as yourself and love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength”

… and share eternity with our heavenly father. AMEN…. Nämen =)

No…way out south” does not include palm-trees, margaritas or hula-girls saying Aloha Bob!, I am talking about the south side of Stockholm yao. And to be frankly it is quite the opposite, There doesn’t seem to be any life over here, no smiles, no signs of light (not litterally ment there, they do have electricity here aswell!), nothing!…. and then when I sat in the subway (tube) on my way to work it came to me… – there are only swedes living here! I actually found myself searching for foreigners in the subway just to get a safe familiar feeling (ok Bob good for you!) … for some reason I really long for dear old Rinkeby … home! (am living on the South side of Stockholm for another week to take care of two cats for a friend) but until then I find myself dreaming away through my book “STILL” written by a colleague about the ghetto life in Solna… and yes, reading it in the subway actually drives my “book-imagination” (the world inside the book inside your head, everybody has a B.I)) to a place of more colour…. So there folks -don’t move south!, North rules, …

and so does hula girls (kepasa!?!, äh)…. goodnight Stockholm. =)

ps, oh by the way, cats are wery hairy!

Allright, check out the new homepage for the Ugandan child-sponsorship

To all you who kindly (and harshly ) responded to my amazing wisdom:

HAHA, well this is all very amusing, but get the big picture guys… I am not saying I am against it nor for it, nor that you are unintelligent (though that did create a lot of humorous responses from people who directly thought about themselves). I am saying this is an issue that becomes debatable because our comfort zone is in danger… not our safety! That is why people from even the smallest hut somewhere in the deepest Swedish pint-forest raise their eyebrows and goes –oh no! Because their softish couch aint that softish anymore. (check out the picture below) .. comfort zone and privacy : our modern Gods! … To all you debaters: There is no Government conspiracy who is looking for people to hang by looking up their email! … and I don’t like the FRA law either, but I still am humored by the blown up discussion around it…( HAHAHA…. still laughing)

Let’s create a scenario, where the Swedish National Defense Radio Establishment checks YOU up… ooo creepy! Don’t get me wrong, but since I have nothing to hide I don’t give it much thought. Now to the next point as a politician I would without a doubt use this opportunity and let people walk right into my open arms of understanding… come to me all you voters, I love you and suddenly I don’t like the FRA-law either!

At least promise me you won’t vote on the mere basis of the FRA… THAT would without a doubt make you a dumb unintelligent (+ some more words like that) human being.

What is it that captivates people to get so into the whole question of the FRA-law ? (A law that gives the Swedish National Defense Radio Establishment the right to intercept all Internet exchange points that exchange traffic that crosses Swedish borders.)

The law has met protests and opposition all across the Swedish political landscape, with even the youth organizations of the parties in the ruling government coalition being against it. Practically all major newspapers have spoken out against the law, along with lobbying organizations such as the Swedish Bar Association (not kidding!). Telecom and internet companies such as Google, Bahnhof and TeliaSonera shuns the law, and there is concern that the law may repel foreign investment in Sweden. Belgium has in fact taken Sweden to the European Court of Human Rights. – wikipiki

When sitting back and examining this rollercoaster of disapproving hordes pursuing their own rights of privacy, it becomes clear that we need more disasters in Europe… so that people can get involved in REAL problems! Since without doubt this is a typically westernized problem (I-lands problem)… characterized as a minor issue which is blown out of proportions because people have too few REAL problems to worry about!!!

Sure people go to meet their maker because of hunger and disease and wars more terrible than anything… or there are nations ruled by oppressors that rip their citizens from any kind of human right… or that probably 95 percent of the world population are poorer than YOU, who might yet live another day if you take a small step from your comfort zone. But hey we want our comfort zones and by God we will protect them with everything we got. Isn’t that what it is all about? Honestly? I hear people comparing this with Hitler’s hunt for Jews… give me a break. The truth?… I´ll give it to you straight, … I-lands problem!!

So, Bob are you saying you ridicule anyone who is wholeheartedly debating this issue… YES =)

Obviously politicians have more important issues to discuss, but understanding that the average non-intelligent citizen want to protect their comfort zones… they take advantage of the dumb mass in order to get more favour (must say its a smart move!)

If you can picture children being non-annoying and picture me talking to them! …

… I actually find it fun sitting there explaining stuff about life and occasionally stumble down some weird side tracks. One day some of them will pass me in knowledge, but at the moment I am the smartest one … in the whole world (at least they think so)… obviously I am able to answer absolutely anything they ask… all they have to know is that Bob is always right! Yes… even when it comes to fights between the children… Bob enters the room and whatever he says goes. Trust me people there is no democracy where I work… =) The children  get their right to vote when they are older and less dumb, until then I am the supreme ruler. Of course I only make wise and fair decisions… Thinking about it I am like King Solomon in the Bible (who was known for his tremendous wisdom)… Remember Solomon suggested to divide a baby in two to determine its real mother… well sometimes I also feel like dividing them in tw…. no just kidding, man I am disgusting!

Alright, I am going to be a cat-babysitter next week…. wonder if it is hard, what if the small animals hate me? Does anybody have any suggestions?.. I am all ears

Am watching King Kong and getting a rush when this gigantic ape brakes the jaw of the dinosaurus… who is trying to eat the..

blond damsel in distress… !

lady in need, and manly muscels… !

women are beautifull, Men are strong… !

I wonder if there is a complementing though behind that fact or if my mind is just wandering into a weird direction. I mean for god sake its an ape, not a man … or atleast not of the human kind…. and all men are not strong… like King Kong! ok enough its late and I am comparing humans too a monkey !.. good night.

Ok, this may sound weird, but hey its only a game! Worked today at the (fritids… any good word for this?) one kid chased his friend in the corridors, suddenly the chased poor little fellow accused the other for being gay… after all, when he got him he gave him hugs, so there was something to it. Apparently this became a great game and they later asked if they could go outside to play the “gay-game”! … what could I say?… all that came out of me was -uhm sure guys, go ahead … and by the way have fun!

Just another day at fritids I suppose.

Uganda… I am not there, my parents are but I am not, my sister is… but I am not (probably you get my desperate idea here)… wanna be there! Meet the children at the orphanage, meet up with old friends, seeing smiles that shines like crazy and getting fed up by the most glorious fruit this planet has to offer…. And hey let’s not forget Mirinda-Fruity! … if Jesus would have lived today he would have made water into Mirinda fruity… barrels of it… and people would understand that surely he must be the son of GOD! But instead I am sitting here on my butt in Sweden hoping something fun will pop out of this day. Well Lord, may the people over there understand the richness they got and we don’t… Amen =)

So many, too many things are in vain, everything from real accomplishments too genuine feelings … it has to have a goal, a finish line something with a purpose, not an end that’s just an end, but something to hold on too, something that stays, if at all possible something that will last forever (at least in this pitiful existence!) Otherwise it remains a painful memory in the back of the head, coming out every now and then just to wear you down with a pointing finger whispering -remember your mistakes? Nevertheless, decisions are made, and whatever ditch one has plunged into, people will constantly learn from the experience, and move forward, advance … what other alternative do we have.

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